Essential Job Functions:

  • Proficient in pulling, terminating, and splicing cables; installing telecommunications equipment, racks, patch panels, jacks, faceplates, cable trays, and audio-visual equipment; building ladder racks; establishing connections; establishing connections and integrations; following industry standards; coordinating with contractors.
  • Pull and install horizontal cable (cat5e, cat6, cat6a, coax fiber optic, security, and AV wire).
  • Have a working knowledge of Systems cable and wire termination using industry standards, equipment, and color codes. Including labeling of workstation faceplates and cables.
  • Assists in the testing of the horizontal cable and backbone cable.
  • Installation of backbone pathways. Includes, but is not limited to installing ladder rack, basket tray, and or D-rings.
  • Helps in the pulling of copper riser and or fiber riser backbone cabling.
  • Assists in the build-out of communications closets.
  • Install security systems such as access control, video management, intrusion detection, door intercom, and other related systems and devices.
  • Termination and testing of security cables and devices.
  • Install fabricated racks and the rigging/mounting of AV equipment.
  • Install projectors, mounting, digital signage, speakers, and various control systems.
  • Have an understanding of building code requirements, customer orders, plans, manuals, and technical specifications; gather equipment, supplies, materials, and tools, assessing the installation site.

Qualifications and Capabilities:

  • Effectively communicate with the team on all Systems aspects.
  • Maintains a safe work environment by following codes, standards, and legal regulations.
  • Perform daily job site clean-up.
  • Demonstrates and practices OSHA-related safety standards.
  • Ability to troubleshoot problems with cabling systems.
  • Proven to be mechanically inclined evidenced by the ability to work with tools.
  • Familiar with electronic test equipment and other telecommunication-related tools., DTX1800, DSX5000.
  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Demonstrated experience in problem isolation through the medium of electronic testing.
  • Electrical and telephone theory.
  • Experience using advanced electronics, specialized equipment, and telephone transmission.
  • Able to lift up to 75 lbs. (100 lbs. assisted)
  • The technician must also be able to bend, kneel, crawl, walk, lift, carry and climb as needed to complete tasks.
 Use of Tools:
  • Tools of the trade are required by Interface. The technician must maintain his/her own tools as described on the Employee Tool List.
  • The technician must be proficient in the use of drills, tuggers, and cable trailers.

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