Structured Wiring

As technologies continue to converge around the reliance on data networks, the design, implementation, and management of buildings’ cabling and access points have become critical elements of the construction process. Today, the construction industry is racing towards the development of standards to govern the design and construction of intelligent buildings. Interface Communications remains on the cutting edge of this paradigm shift, as we believe that this technology will change the way all of us live and work.

Today, a building’s structured wiring system binds together all of the information technologies that are critical to running the communications, audio-video, and security systems in the structure. Interface Communications was one of the first companies to gain a foothold in this industry, and will remain an industry leader far into future.


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Our History

Interface Communications Company has been a leader in providing design, engineering and construction services in the telecommunications industry with more than 30 years of experience.

Today, Interface Communications provides its clients with a single, reliable source for communication contracting needs. ICC is focused on designing and building Voice & Data Structured Wiring Networks, Audio Visual Systems, Electronic Security Systems and intelligent transportation systems.

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