ICC Internship Program

A Career Partnership with Colorado’s Youth

Program Details

Internship Phase #1:

Provides the candidate with exposure to Interface Communications Co. The first phase will allow ICC to measure a candidate’s dedication to the program as well as provide guidance in defining the candidate’s desired career path.

  • Phase #1 of the internship is an unpaid position.
  • Mentors are ICC volunteers who enjoy giving back to the community and assisting young adults with career development.
  • The candidate must complete and submit an internship application.
  • The candidate will be interviewed by a member of the Internship team.
  • Accepted candidates will be assigned to an ICC mentor.
  • The candidate will be required to dedicate 1-2 hours per week to the program.
  • The mentor will assign various industry-related tasks to the candidate in order to provide exposure to the industry and to ICC corporate structure throughout the candidate’s high school career.

Internship Phase #2:

Once the Candidate has successfully completed Phase #1, the ICC mentor will make a recommendation for the candidate to apply for a part-time, paid position.

  • Phase #2 of the internship is a paid position.
  • Candidates must apply and be interviewed by an ICC manager and their ICC mentor.
  • Upon hire, the candidate will be assigned various tasks by the ICC manager.
  • The ICC mentor continues to mentor the candidate.
  • The candidate continues their high school curriculum while working at ICC after school, on weekends, during holiday and summer breaks.
  • When the candidate graduates from high school, they will have approximately one year of industry work experience!

Internship Phase #3:

The candidate graduates from high school and becomes a full-time ICC employee.

  • Mentorship will continue for 1 additional year, which is referred to as the apprenticeship year.

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Today, Interface Communications provides its clients with a single, reliable source for telecommunication integration needs. ICC is focused on designing and integrating Voice & Data Structured Wiring Networks, Audio Visual Systems, Electronic Security Systems, Intelligent Transportation Systems and Wireless Networks.

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